This is GPL Ji, and I’m P.Shastri. I have started blogging all the settings related to the blog, all his tips and tricks so that your blogging life can be easy. The easiest guide is written in all the topics, so that you can start your blog today and earn a lot of income from your blog.About Us – GPL Ji – Themes and Plugins.

Along with this, GPL JI is also giving you GPL Themes and Plugins under GPL Licence (GNU) on your website, which you will get at a very low cost. Which I buy under GPL License only.

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I realized that there will be a lot of other people out there who want to start their own blog, Youtube channel but don’t know where to start. Since I can’t help everyone personally, I decided that I would create a blog that would show people how to do it, even if they had no prior experience. About Us – GPL Ji